Pokémon TV brings classic ‘Pokémon’ episodes to Nintendo Switch

Gotta watch ‘em all!

Pokémon TV, a brand new app for Nintendo Switch, has launched today, letting you watch a range of classic Pokémon episodes for free.

Although the Nintendo Switch lacks apps for most mainstream streaming services, it looks as though it’s making up for it with its own Pokémon streaming service.

Pokémon TV adds a lot of new Pokémon content to your Nintendo Switch, with plenty of classic cartoon episodes, series specials and even replays of top competitive championships to watch at your leisure.


The app is free to download and available now on Nintendo Switch – but it’s also available on Android and iOS devices, too, with companion apps available on most digital stores.

Although you can sign-in to the app with your Pokémon Trainer Club account for a more customised experience, you don’t have to. Simply log in as a guest and you can still watch everything the service offers, absolutely free of charge.

The app includes multiple seasons of the classic Pokémon anime, including the first two seasons in their entirety. However, it also includes the new Pokémon Journeys series, too. Several animated Pokémon movies and specials have also found their way onto the new streaming service, including Twilight Wings and the Pokémon Origins mini-series.

But it’s not just animated content included on Pokémon TV. The app also includes a library of past video game and trading card game competitions for fans of the games to get stuck into. Not to mention a rather handy “juniors” category which includes content that’s safe for younger viewers.


Meanwhile, South Korea has finally canned its gaming curfew laws, allowing children and teenagers more flexibility when it comes to online gaming.

Elsewhere, the classic point and click adventure Sam & Max Hit the Road is available on Prime Gaming for free in September.