‘Pokémon UNITE’ holiday update adds Dragonite and festive outfits

Dragonite's checking his list

Pokémon UNITE is getting a host of Christmas-themed content added, as well as fan-favorite Dragonite as a new playable character.

A new trailer on the official Pokémon UNITE YouTube channel has shown off what’s coming to the game this holiday season. The biggest addition to the game is the dragon-type with the sweetest face, Dragonite.

There are also new outfits for Crustle and the face of Pokémon, Pikachu. The former is dressed sort of like a Christmas pudding, wearing Santa-styled oven mitts on their claws while the electric mouse Pokémon is donning a Santa-style red coat and cone hat.


Garchomp, Mamoswine, Gardevoir, Blastoise, and Dragonite all seem to be getting Santa hats they can wear as well, with the last sporting a red ribbon and satchel. The event starts later this month, on December 15 and the trailer can be seen below:

Elsewhere in the game, the main arena has been given a wintery makeover, with snow and frost covering the battlefield and barriers turning into blocks of ice. Christmas outfits for your trainer have also been added and the main menu has been transformed into something more festive as well.

A less wintery addition to the game is a series of chef uniforms for Pokémon like Snorlax, Cramorant, and Mr. Mime. Trainers can also sport a chef outfit to match.

This is the second themed event the Nintendo Switch and Mobile game has had. There was a Halloween-themed event in October that added Greedent, as well as new cosmetics like a pumpkin Pikachu mask. Last month, Decidueye joined Pokémon UNITE, a ranged type Pokémon, making Dragonite the 29th character to join the roster.


In other news, another orange character has been added to a game. Garfield, the lasagna-loving feline, is coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

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