‘Pokémon Unite’ is having a 1-year anniversary celebration event

The ‘Pokémon Unite’ MOBA's celebration event sees new Pokémon, Boss Rush mode, Holowears and more added to the game

It’s coming up to one year since the Pokémon Unite multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) made its debut for mobile and Nintendo Switch. Aeos Island has seen a multitude of new Pokémon and cosmetic items added to the battlefield over the past 12 months and the one-year anniversary celebration looks to be no exception.

A blog post on the Pokémon Unite website details the upcoming celebration, which launches on July 21. The event sees the introduction of another Eeveelution in the form of ice-type Glaceon, alongside an Icy Glaceon challenge which will run through to August 14. The challenge provides an opportunity for players who don’t wish to spend money in-game to earn the new arrival via a series of missions. Alongside Glaceon, Buzzwole will join the ranks on August 3, followed by Tyranitar on August 15.

Boss Rush mode is a new type of quick battle which challenges players to team up to defeat powerful bosses to earn rewards. The higher a Unite squad’s score, the better the rewards and the new mode will be available for three time periods (BST) throughout the anniversary celebrations:

  • July 21 (7AM) to July 24 (11:59PM).
  • August 1 (12AM) to August 7 (11:59PM).
  • August 15 (12AM) to August 21 (11:59PM).

Pokémon Unite screenshot
Pokémon Unite Credit: Nintendo

Alongside the exciting new mode is a new battle pass season, with the launch of Season 9. Band Style Pikachu Holowear will launch alongside this on July 21 at 7AM, as well as Songstress Style Wigglytuff. The new battle pass season will follow the usual Pokémon Unite format, where new rewards are gifted to players upon their ascension through the battle pass levels.

As if that wasn’t enough treats for eager fans, free Unite licenses and Holowear will be awarded to players simply for logging in. Upon logging in for five days between July 21 and October 12, players can receive a host of rewards.

Day one will see a Pikachu Unite license granted alongside Fashionable Style Pikachu Holowear, and the subsequent days in order grant Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax and Sylveon Unite Licenses alongside Concert Style Lucario, Firefighter Style Blastoise, Bedtime Style Snorlax and Checkered Style Sylveon Holowears. If players already own any of the above, an alternative reward of 100 Aeos coins for each Unite license and Holowear they already own will be handed out.

Finally, the Anniversary Cake challenge will also launch on July 21, where Trainers can collect frosting by battling and completing missions. Frosting can be used to build an anniversary cake, alongside other rewards.

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