‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’ are coming to Nintendo Switch this year

This was a triumph

Nintendo has announced the Portal: Companion Collection will be released for the Switch this year.

During yesterday’s (February 9) Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Portal and Portal 2 will both be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022 in the form of a collection, although no specific date was given.

Nintendo also shared the news on Twitter, saying, “No lie, the Portal: Companion Collection – featuring the award-winning games Portal and Portal 2 – is warping onto NintendoSwitch this year!”


Portal is a physics-based puzzle-platformer released by Valve in 2007 and uses a portal gun to allow players to link two locations together. Players have to solve puzzles in various test chambers to escape from Aperture Science Laboratories and its sarcastic ai, GLaDOS.

Portal 2 expanded the original with new types of obstacles and also introduced a two-player co-operative mode. The upcoming Nintendo Switch version will feature split-screen and online multiplayer. Players can now wishlist the collection on the Nintendo eShop.

Valve announced that Nvidia Lightspeed Studios collaborated on the port, saying in a tweet, “Portal: Companion Collection, developed for Switch in collaboration with Nvidia Lightspeed Studios, includes the single-player experiences of Portal and Portal 2, as well as Portal 2’s full co-operative game mode, which is playable via split-screen, local and online multiplayer.”

Portal 2 recently became the first officially verified title for Valve’s Steam Deck. The handheld gaming device has strict criteria that must be met for a game to be certified for the system, and so far, several titles have been announced as fully compatible.


In other news, a new trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 shows the return of Bigby Wolf. Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette will reprise their roles as Bigby and Snow White when the game launches in 2023. The game will be spread out across five episodes, but no release date has been confirmed.

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