Porter Robinson says ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ inspired his first album

"That sort of feeling - of grieving the loss of a virtual world - inspired my first album"

DJ and producer Porter Robinson has revealed that defunct multiplayer game Star Wars Galaxies helped to inspire his first album ‘Worlds’.

Speaking to NME as part of our Playback series, Robinson shared that Star Wars Galaxies – an MMO which ultimately closed down in 2011 – provided the emotion behind his 2014 debut album.

“That game will always mean a ton to me because I felt really truly immersed in a virtual world for the first time,” said Robinson.


“It inspired my first album because that online community shut down and the game ceased to be profitable [so] they shut the game down,” the DJ explained. “I had a home there, and I had communities and friends, and suddenly it all disappeared. It wasn’t like Pac-Man or something where you could go find an arcade cabinet and go play, it relied on having the server so once the game shut down you could never really go home – you could never play it again.”

“That sort of feeling – of grieving the loss of a virtual world – inspired my first album,” Robinson explained. “So yeah – that game will always mean a lot to me.”

Robinson shared that Star Wars Galaxies remains his all-time favourite game, and explained that he enjoyed the game because you could play it as a “nobody” rather than a hero.

“It was like a truly inter-reliant society, in the sense that for the hunter players who want to go out and skin animals for materials, they need a weapon,” explained Robinson. “The weaponsmiths need somebody to go and mine the materials, the person who mined the materials needs protection out in the wild.”

In our latest Playback, Robinson also discussed playing League Of Legends and explained the appeal of VRChat – you can watch it above.

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