Power Up gaming exhibition returns to the Science Museum next month

Tickets are available now

The Science Museum in London will be hosting the Power Up “gaming extravaganza” over the Easter holidays to take visitors through the history of gaming.

The event will begin on Tuesday, April 2 and feature over 160 consoles with hundreds of games. Visitors of any age will be able to explore the history of gaming with interactive experiences that include early consoles such as the Binatone or Atari 2600 to modern platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Power Up will feature adult-only evenings on April 6, April 12, and April 13, where fans can buy drinks and participate in a Halo showdown. There will also be a special edition of the adult-only evening on April 27, which will feature talks, workshops, and activities exploring the science of gaming.


For families, Power Up will offer Early Birds. These morning sessions will be sensory-friendly and relaxed for those who benefit from a quieter environment.

Power Up will also coincide with the 30th anniversary of Mario Kart, and several versions of the kart racer will be available to play, ranging from the SNES to the Wii.

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8. Credit: Nintendo

Alistair Otto, associate commercial director at the Science Museum Group, said on the event’s website, “this year iconic arcade game Pong turns fifty and at Power Up visitors will get to discover in a hands-on way how video games have evolved over the following decades.”

He continued, adding “Video games are a captivating combination of storytelling, technological advancement and thrill-seeking; this interactive experience offers visitors of all ages an opportunity to discover the possibilities of gaming technology, the evolution of game design but most importantly have fun!”

Tickets are available now and cost £10 for adults, £9 for seniors, and £8 for concession and children. The evening sessions will cost £14, while early bird sessions will cost £5.


In other news, Paradox Interactive has announced an expansion for Stellaris called Overlord.

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