PQube announces new survival horror game ‘Tormented Souls’

‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’ serve as inspirations for the title

PQube has announced Tormented Souls, a brand new survival horror title coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Inspired by classic horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Tormented Souls is a new intellectual property from the UK-based company. The game will take the fixed camera perspective found in highly beloved franchises, while modernising the controls.

Players will control protagonist Caroline Walker as she investigates the disappearance of twin girls. Exploring an abandoned mansion, players will uncover secrets, solve puzzles and navigate past deadly foes that roam the halls. Caroline can also pass through mirrors, travelling to an alternate reality where players can change the world in a variety of ways for their own advantage.


The debut trailer for Tormented Souls introduces the moody atmosphere of the mansion Caroline will explore, examples of the puzzles that need to be solved and a first glimpse at the game’s horrifying enemies.

Check out first teaser trailer below:

The official Steam description for Tormented Souls reads: “While investigating the disappearance of twin girls at Winterlake – something terrible happens to Caroline Walker. Waking in the dead of night, naked in a bathtub – and hooked up to some decrepit medical equipment, Caroline must fight for her life as she explores the halls of an abandoned Mansion turned hospital.”

Horror fans who are looking for something to dive into sooner will be able to download The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan as part of August’s Xbox Game Pass titles.


The Resident Evil series is set to return on next-gen systems next year with a new instalment titled Village. The game’s first trailer introduces werewolves and witches into the mix, marking a new shift in the series’ narrative.

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