‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ has officially launched on Steam

Along with a big update that includes a new Airstrip map

IllFonic‘s asymmetrical multiplayer shooter game Predator: Hunting Grounds has officially launched on Steam.

Predator: Hunting Grounds arrived last year on PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store. To celebrate the one year mark, IllFonic is now releasing a new Airstrip map alongside the Steam launch.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, IllFonic CEO Charles Brungardt shared more details about the next big update. “To get all Steam players caught up, we will be offering a DLC Predator Package – all four Predator DLC skins and abilities: Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, and City Hunter; plus early access* to three additional masks and six war paints,” he said.


The DLC package is not limited to the Steam launch and will be available on all platforms starting today (April 29). Furthermore, Predator: Hunting Grounds on Steam is cross-play, meaning players will be able to play with friends on different platforms.

However, Brungardt noted that all progress in-game is stored on a per-platform basis and is non-transferable.

Predator: Hunting Grounds
Credit: IllFonic

With the update comes the latest Airstrip map, which offers brand new challenges to players.

Brungardt said: “The Airstrip map took our team about seven months to develop from concept to creation. It will offer 12 different missions that will have you dodging bullets as you weave through homes, radio towers, multiple Stargazer encampments, aeroplane hangars, and an airstrip littered with planes and choppers, all scattered throughout the thick jungle.”

Additionally, a “massive amount” of cosmetics are coming, including armour and weapon skins that will be available to players, as well as brand new trophies.


IllFonic’s CEO added that the studio has more to offer throughout the year and presented a look at a new content roadmap featuring even more paid DLC from now until October.

Predator: Hunting Grounds‘ previous DLC update saw the addition of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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