‘Project Cars’ to be delisted from storefronts later this year

The games will remain fully playable, with all game features functional including multiplayer

Both Project Cars and Project Cars 2 are set to be delisted from storefronts in the coming months due to licensing issues.

Developer Slightly Mad Studios posted a statement to the Project Cars Twitter account yesterday (August 22), citing the reason for the imminent delisting of both Project Cars and Project Cars 2 as “expiring car and track licenses”.

The games won’t lose any functionality and will remain fully playable, including multiplayer modes, but won’t be available for purchase any longer. Anyone interested in owning the games should take note that Project Cars will be delisted on October 3, with Project Cars 2 being slightly earlier, on September 21.


Slightly Mad also states in the Tweet that: “We remain focused on making the best sim racing titles,” before mentioning that, “we look forward to sharing more on the next Slightly Mad project when the time is right.”

Nothing has been officially announced regarding the next Slightly Mad game, although the company’s former CEO did send out a series of Tweets (via, Traxion), which were swiftly deleted, in which he said “If PCars4 is awesome, it was all me. If [it] isn’t. I left six months ago.” The studio has worked on the racing series for almost a decade, with Project Cars 3 releasing in 2020 and not set for delisting at this time.

For fans of racing simulators, the news that both games are getting delisted may not come as a shock. Licenses are often purchased for specific lengths of time, and when the time to renew rolls around, many developers choose not to do so, either due to having a new instalment in the series, or income from the title in question not justifying the licensing fee.

In other news, The Game Awards will return this December with a new category for Best Adaptation, which sees creative media awarded for being able to “authentically adapt” video game source material.