PS5 consoles currently being sold at a loss by Sony

The “strategic price point” of the console may be to blame

Investors in Sony have been informed that the PlayStation 5 has so far made a loss on sales in a quarterly report.

The report detailed the 4.5million consoles sold, and how placing them at a lower cost than manufacture, a “strategic price point”, has resulted in losses.

However, when combining the PlayStation revenue from game sales across the PS4 and PS5 platforms, any shortfall is seemingly made up, according to Sony. Both consoles sold similarly in their first few months of launch, with the PS4 racking up sales of 4.2million between November and December 2013.


Issues with meeting demand for the new PlayStation mean that components included in the manufacture of the console have become scarce, driving up prices of each console to a reported $450 (£329.34), according to Bloomberg.

This means that the full edition of the PS5 breaks even, but the Digital Edition, priced at $399 (£292.04), nets the company a loss.

The report also reveals a PlayStation Plus subscriber base of 47.4million users per month for the financial quarter. The company was also seen to have increased their forecasted operating and sales income over the fiscal year.

PS5s are still proving hard to come by, with one recent report of scalpers using an exploit to locate and buy thousands of consoles before they were even listed for sale by major retailers.

This led to a group of Scottish MPs recently tabling a motion to prevent item scalping in legislation, similar to the laws on ticket scalping. The law would involve the sale of gaming consoles and PC components at prices that were “greatly above the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price”.

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