PS5 firmware update finally lets you remove annoying screenshot icon

No more ruined screenshots

The new firmware update for PS5 includes a much-requested option to remove the confirmation icon that pops up after taking a screenshot.

While the headline additions of the firmware updates included storage expansion support with an M.2 SSD and 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers, PS5 owners who have installed the new update today (September 15) have only just discovered the surprising update that can disable the screenshot notification icon.


Previously, when PS5 users took a screenshot with the controller’s Create button (which can be done either by tapping or holding the button), a notification icon would appear in the top right corner.

However, as the console doesn’t separate its OS user interface from the game, taking another screenshot in quick succession would mean that the icon would appear in the subsequent screenshot. This resulted in players being unable to take rapid consecutive screenshots without them being ruined by the icons popping up.

In the new system update, which can be downloaded and installed now, PS5 owners will have an option to disable this icon. This can be found by going to ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Captures and Broadcasts’.

Selecting ‘Broadcasts’ and then ‘Shortcuts for Create Button’, a new toggle is available at the bottom, ‘Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots’, which is on by default. By disabling it, players will only hear the camera shutter sound effect confirming the screenshot rather than having an icon ruin subsequent screenshot captures.

This week is also a highlight for PS5 owners as the highly anticipated Deathloop has released. However, despite rave reviews, some have also noted the game’s lack of accessibility options.

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