Psychological horror game ‘Luto’ has received a new in-game trailer

'Luto' is slated for release on PlayStation and PC later this year

Luto, upcoming psychological horror game from Spanish developer Broken Bird Games, got a creepy new in-game trailer during the Future Game Show livestream.

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Luto will be Broken Bird Games’ debut release, with the new trailer coming off the heels of its announcement last year. The Steam description for the game reads: “Luto is a first person psychological horror narrative experience where you will embody a person unable to exit his own house. Finding the way to leave it will lead you through a series of paths that will challenge your senses.”


The description continues to detail the story. “Explore the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, the horror of the insecurity to the deepest darkness hidden behind anxiety and depression…” It also explores different phobias, including monophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, nyctophobia.

While there’s no confirmation either way, the game doesn’t seem to feature any combat, being absent in both the trailer and its description on Steam. Instead, it seems to be a more explorative and narrative focussed experience.

While it doesn’t have a set release date, it’s slated for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC sometime in 2022, with it being available to wishlist on Steam now.

Luto Game Teaser
Luto. Credit: Broken Bird Studios

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In other news, developer Strange Scaffold recently announced its upcoming strand-type game Witch Strandings, which is set to release for PC on July 7.