Psyonix will soon ban ‘Rocket League’ players who quit casual matches

Season 4 will also introduce cowboy-themed items to the game

Season 4 of Rocket League will welcome cowboys to the football game, but will also see harsher sentences introduced for players who repeatedly quit casual matches.

Psyonix is “rolling out the rootinest tootinest Rocket Pass yet” this week (August 11) by introducing the Deadeye Canyon arena.

Also coming to the game is new car ‘The Outlaw’ which, according to the official announcement, “is wanted for boost stealing and demo hunting.”


It’s available to capture in Rocket League‘s premium pass alongside 70+ tiers of exclusive loot “so get ready for the biggest hoedown and hootenanny ever to hit Rocket League!”

Season 4 will also add 2v2 tournaments to Rocket League. They will function the same as the pre-existing 3v3 tournaments. All players need to do is join a competitive tournament alone or with a friend, and they will be entered into a 32 team bracket.

Psyonix has also announced plans to improve casual matches in Rocket League, writing: “it can be frustrating when teammates leave casual matches early, and we’re taking steps to improve the experience.”

One of which is adding the ability to forfeit casual matches, just like players can currently do with competitive matches. “If all players on a team vote to concede, the casual match will end just like it were a competitive match. With the option to concede being added, we’re also adding matchmaking bans for players who continually leave casual matches.

“For the players that only occasionally leave casual matches, there will be no penalty for leaving one casual match per day. However, the bans will get longer if more casual matches are abandoned.”


In other news, a colossal EVE Online war could be over because of the recent UEFA Euro 2020 Championship. “It seemed like (players) had taken their foot off the gas in the last month or two,” according to a community developer.

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