‘PUBG 2’ in the works and “grounded in realism”, according to leak

They've been right before

Prominent PUBG leaker, PlayerIGN, has released a new video claiming that a sequel to the battle royale game is in the works.

In the recent video it was claimed that PUBG 2 is currently being made by Krafton and that the team will remain similar to the first game. Although they are taking on new staff, it seems the core team will remain the same due to the uniqueness of PUBG’s gameplay.


Some of the concerns of players were also answered, with PlayerIGN addressing fears the sequel could be a new genre or set far in the future. According to the video, PUBG 2 will be a “pure sequel” and will be “grounded in realism” rather than the futuristic take some have speculated.

PlayerIGN also announced they were stepping down from their insider YouTube role. For the last few years, they have been the primary source for PUBG leaks and have been proven correct the majority of the time. In the video, PlayerIGN claimed they had “moved on”.

Last month, the same leak provided information that New State had not replaced PUBG 2, and the sequel may emerge in 2022. In an interview with Bloomberg, Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han claimed that the company intended to release “another PUBG-related PC and console game by next year”.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, which was developed by Tencent, PUBG: New State is being handled entirely in-house. PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest games in the world, becoming the highest-grossing mobile title in 2020, generating more than $1.1billion in revenue.