PUBG 2 is dead – but it will live on through PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Features from the scrapped sequel might be coming to the original PUBG

Content from the scrapped PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) sequel Project RE:BORN will reportedly be added to PUBG.

The news comes from The Loadout, who claim to have exclusive information from well-known PUBG leaker ‘PlayerIGN’. The leaker told The Loadout that development issues caused Project RE:BORN to be dropped, and that some of the features of Project RE:BORN will be rolled into PUBG.

He said: “My source tells me PUBG Project RE:BORN was originally meant to be the PUBG 2 game we were expecting, but the development team bumped into issues and are opting to go with an engine update/overhaul to the current game instead – a bit like Overwatch 2.”


PUBG Corp Update 7.2
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Credit: PUBG Corp

PlayerIGN added that the pandemic forced the team at Krafton to sideline larger content in favour of adding smaller maps, to make sure the game remained fresh for players of the original. Krafton is yet to confirm any and all of these changes.

Krafton did confirm in a statement to The Loadout however that Project Titan is real, saying: “Project Titan is the code name for an unannounced project, no additional information is currently available.”

Project Titan will take place in the PUBG universe, along with The Callisto Protocol. PlayerIGN thinks that Project Titan might also be set in the exact same place, as their tweet below suggests.

In another tweet, PlayerIGN discovered a reference to another battle royale game via a recent IPO registration made by Krafton. Any official details about Project Titan are yet to be revealed.


In other news, a popular VR mod for Valheim finally has motion control support for Valve and Oculus headsets. The mod, called VHVR, was initially released in April, and now players can finally wave at each other for real in the game.

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