‘PUBG’ Taego map gets overhaul in latest PC patch

The plane's exploding, we've got Taego

PUBG developer Krafton has outlined a huge array of changes coming to the battle royale game, and particularly the Taego map, as part of the latest PC patch, ‘Update 13.1’.

One major shift is a greatly increased rate of care packages. Previously, one player would get the lion’s share of these valuable item drops, but going forward there will be additional, smaller drops of supplies, giving more players a chance to loot them.

Matches will now see one “standard” care package parachuted onto the map, and five to fifteen smaller ones. Packages can also be used as cover, giving them a secondary practical application in battle.


A secret room can also be accessed, but players will need to find a key elsewhere on the Taego map first. Those who do will be able to grab hold of items such as a self AED (which can auto revive players when downed), rifle scopes, healing items, and throwables – all of which could turn the tide of battle.

The biggest shift will be how PUBG matches on Taego begin though – there’s a chance the aeroplane that drops players onto maps might explode on approach. The effect will be random and start with engines catching fire, forcing players to jump from the plane sooner than they might want to. Those who stay onboard until the jet goes up in flames will be ejected with force, losing half their starting health in the process.

Krafton is also updating spawn rates of items on the Taego map, with some set to appear more regularly – those all-important self AEDs get a 37 per cent increase – and others showing up less often. Stun grenades get a 14 per cent decrease, Molotov cocktails are cut by three per cent, and stocks a minor adjustment of one per cent less.

New items, including an ‘Emergency Pickup’ extraction device, C4 explosives, and spike traps to take out vehicles have all been added, too.

You can read the full slate of updates, including tweaks to the Sanhok map, weapon re-balances, and a new spray paint tagging system, in the developer’s blog here.


Recently, Tottenham Hotspur footballer Son Heung-Min appeared in PUBG as part of its ‘Futsal’ mode, with players able to transform into the player by scoring the most goals. Krafton is also reportedly working on a fantasy game that it likens to a “Korean Witcher.

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