‘PUBG’ to have rideable mountain bikes very soon

Wheelies, bunny hops, you name it!

PUBG is gaining mountain bikes very soon, according to developer Krafton.

Now available on the test server according to PCGamesN, mountain bikes will be arriving in update 15.1. The update places folded up mountain bikes around each of PUBG’s maps, just waiting for players to grab one. Once they do, they can hit sprint to gather momentum before jumping and even perform wheelies. It’s all fairly simply done with a quick matter of holding sprint and tapping the jump button.

While players may worry that the fun will end prematurely, luckily, PUBG’s mountain bikes offer infinite amounts of health points. There’s no way of destroying them. They are also very quiet so they are a bit more useful than using regular vehicles in-game if you plan on being sneaky.


PUBG. Credit: PUBG Corp

There’s enough room on them for one passenger to hop on the back too, even if you’re bunny hopping all over the place or performing wheelies at every opportunity. While you can’t see a speedometer for obvious reasons, expect a maximum speed without sprinting of 50km/h. That increases to 62km/h with sprint tapping.

The bikes can be located most often on the outskirts of the map so players would be wise to check out those areas on the test server.

Less exciting but no less important, Krafton is also testing a nerf for the P20 as well as buffs for shotguns, LMGs, SMGs and the AUG. It has also made huge changes to magazines to give them more variety. There’s now the QuickDraw Magazine which boosts reload speeds by 60 per cent. There’s also the Extended Magazine which extends the amount of bullets you have at your disposal.

The full patch notes are listed on the PUBG website.


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