‘PUBG’ will become free to play next January

An additional purchase is required for Ranked playlists

Next January, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will switch to a free-to-play model.

PUBG has been a pay-to-play game since its launch, but the battle royale genre offers several different free-to-play titles such as Fornite and Apex Legends. Now PUBG is switching up its formula and is dropping its entry price.

Players who have owned and played PUBG before switching to free-to-play will automatically receive the Special Commemorative pack, which includes several cosmetics and a Battlegrounds Plus upgrade.


The Battleground Plus is an additional PUBG purchase available to all players that will unlock an xp boost, a medal tab, and access to the ranked playlists. Plus will also allow PUBG players to create and play custom matches.

Cosmetic items will also be included in the Plus addon. Purchasers will gain access to the Captain’s camo hat, Captains camo mask, and Captain’s camo gloves. They will also receive 1300 G-coin’s.

PUBG is offering pre-registration for its free-to-play transition. Players have until January 11 to pre-register, but by doing so, they will receive a backpack, top, and a coupon for preset slots. For more rewards, fans can invite three friends to pre-register. The rewards for this are a cosmetic helmet, an Iron G-coin box, and a chance to win real-world hardware. The possible prizes are an Xbox Series X, a PlayStation 5, an Alienware laptop, A Razer Kraken headset, or 10,000 in-game G-Coins.

In other news, Chivalry 2 is free to play this weekend. As part of the game’s Chivmas event, players will be able to download and play the game for free. They will also be able to experience the festive activities of the current in-game event. These include throwable snowballs, gift-wrapped anvil, and festive helmets. There is also a new map for the first fight mode, Brawl.