‘Quake: Enhanced Edition’ gets new Horde mode

The fan-favourite "Honey" mod also gets an upgrade

The remastered version of classic FPS Quake has received a brand new ‘Horde Mode’ as part of its latest update.

The new feature was announced in a Bethesda blog post (as spotted by Videogamer), where the studio says, “owners of the rerelease are about to get even more content in the form of our latest free add-on plus an all-new Horde Mode!”

Like most horde modes in similar games, Quake’s will see players trying to survive as long as possible against endless waves of monsters. The mode will support both solo play and co-op for up to teams of four, with increasingly deadly weapons and power-ups to unlock.


The update also includes the “Honey” add-on, which makes what originated as a popular mod “available for players to download from the in-game menu for free, bringing players even more content to strafe their way through!”

The additional content will feature “waterlogged crypts and underground temples” and challenge players to “face the darkness, combating a deadly plague blighting the land.”

Finally, the update lets players unlock Quake skins to use in DOOM Eternal and Quake Champions. Bethesda says, “owners of our Quake re-release can log in with their Bethesda.net credentials in-game to earn the Ranger Slayer Skin for DOOM Eternal and the Quake Guy Ranger Skin in Quake Champions“. The unlocks require players to own the other games already.

The remaster of Quake was initially released in August 2021, designed as a celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary. While the series remains pivotal in gaming history, it’s never enjoyed quite as much prominence as its stablemate DOOM. However, that could be about to change, with id Software rumoured to be hiring to develop a brand new title in the series.


In other news, Microsoft has launched an online learning course to help developers improve accessibility in games, while Oculus Quest VR headsets will be getting a rebrand to “Meta Quest” in 2022, in line with its parent company’s new name.

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