Qualcomm reportedly developing Nintendo Switch competitor

The rumoured release date falls in early 2022

Qualcomm is reportedly working on an Android-powered games console that bears visual similarities to the Nintendo Switch.

According to a report from Android Police, who were allegedly shown images of the device but were unable to publish them, Qualcomm’s goal is to produce an Android-powered games console that shows off their Snapdragon chipsets.

The console appears visually similar to the Nintendo Switch, with two removable controllers along the side of a powerful tablet. The tablet itself appears bulkier than that of the Switch, a move which Qualcomm appears to be attributing to faster processing speeds and quick-charge technology.


The console will support an external display connection, although it is unknown at this time whether this will be a wired or wireless connection. According to Qualcomm, it will also run on Android 12, which allows for apps from the Google Play Store to be downloaded natively.

As is to be expected with most Qualcomm devices, the console is suggested to support 5G, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, dual-zone haptic feedback, and accelerometers.

Alongside Qualcomm’s own content portal, they are looking into supporting the Epic Games Store from the launch of the console in 2022. Aiming for a release in the first quarter of next year, the console has a targeted price point of $300 (£218.61).

In other gaming company news, GameStop have announced the resignation of their CCO, Frank Hamlin, at the end of this month. Neither GameStop nor the SEC filing have disclosed the reasons for Hamlin’s departure, but said that he would be entitled to the payments, rights and benefits associated with a “good reason” resignation.