Quantic Dream’s ‘Star Wars’ game might be called ‘Eclipse’

It could be set during the High Republic era

An unannounced Star Wars game that is reportedly in development at Quantic Dream might be called Eclipse and may be set during the High Republic era.

The news comes courtesy of VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who is generally a reliable source of information. Speaking on his premium show for Giant Bomb and coming via VGC, Grubb believes the game will be revealed soon.

During the show, he explained that the announcement will be “probably before the end of the year”. While Grubb isn’t certain about the setting or era, he believes it’s set during the High Republic era.


For those not in the know, the High Republic is set around 200 years before the events of the Star Wars films and has previously featured in books, comics and other forms of media.

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront. Credit: Electronic Arts

The news follows much speculation with talk of a Quantic Dream Star Wars project beginning in September. That came from French YouTuber, Gautoz, who claimed that the developer had signed a deal with Disney after its contract with Sony had ended. It was then confirmed by industry insider, Tom Henderson.

While news has been vague and not confirmed, the possibilities are growing. Last month, we learned that Disney and Lucasfilm Games could be teasing a new Star Wars game reveal in December. This could be the game that will be announced.

Elsewhere in Star Wars gaming news, we’ve also recently learned that Halo Infinite multiplayer designer Patrick Wren has joined Respawn to work on a new Star Wars game.


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