‘Quantum Error’ reveals “cosmic-horror FPS” with first teaser trailer

The shooter follows a rescue mission that goes horribly wrong

Sony has shared a first teaser trailer for Quantum Error, a “cosmic-horror FPS” developed by TeamKill Media.

Revealed on Saturday (March 26), Quantum Error is a horror-shooter that has been built on Unreal Engine 5.

You can watch the three-minute teaser for Quantum Error below:


As for what Quantum Error is about, the trailer’s description shares the following:

“When the Monad Quantum Research Facility – 30 miles off the shore of CA – is attacked by an unknown entity, engulfing the complex in flames and putting it into a full containment lock-down, a distress call is sent for mutual aid to the Garboa Fire Dept in San Francisco, CA.”

From there, the player will control Captain Jacob Thomas to initially “save as many lives from the burning complex as possible and get out,” however the mission “quickly plummets into darkness” as the rescue crew realises something is amiss.

The teaser trailer isn’t all that’s been revealed – last week, TeamKill Media also shared an extended gameplay video as part of the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase. In the 18-minute video, the protagonist is shown wielding a variety of sci-fi weapons to take down various eldritch monsters. It also shows certain environments being destructible with a large saw, and the player switching between first and third-person combat.


The game was first announced in 2020, and although no release date has been provided beyond “coming soon”, TeamKill Media has confirmed that it will launch on PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

In other gaming news, Flying Wild Hog has announced that sci-fi shooter Space Punks will launch an open beta in April. Though the studio is excited to welcome more players, game director Michał Kuk says the milestone doesn’t mean it’s “anywhere near “done” working on the game”.