‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ will only feature operators from ‘Siege’

Expect deeper dives on existing operators

Ubisoft’s upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction will not add any new operators, instead only using those  present in Siege.

Ubisoft spoke to The Loadout and revealed that Extraction would not add any new operators unique to the new setting.

“With the huge number of operators now available on Siege, we had more than enough options at our disposal to make sure to cover all the angles.” game director Patrik Méthé said”


He added that there were discussions about new operators specific to Extraction. Still, the team decided that taking existing Siege operators and putting them in purely coop games would shine a new light on them.

Méthé also said that Rainbow Six Extraction would not affect existing Siege lore, stating that the upcoming game is a what-if scenario. “We know that the Rainbow Six universe is rich enough to offer different avenues to develop its lore without restraining ourselves in one direction.”

Rainbow Six Extraction also aims to bring more detail to operators who might not have gotten enough love in Siege, alongside those with well-established lore and fans.

As a result of the switch from players fighting other players to players fighting AI enemies, some operators will have their abilities reworked.

An example is Finka’s nanobot ability which buffs teammates with extra health and recoil reduction in Siege. This will be altered to revive downed teammates in Extraction, which would have been too strong in a PVP game but works well in PvE.


However, Méthé noted that “it was important for the team to keep the ‘spirit’ of both the gadgets and the operator abilities so that Siege players could transition smoothly from one game to the other.”

In another recent interview, Méthé said that one of the pillars during production of Extraction was the belief that “guns are not enough”. 

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