‘Rainbow Six Siege’ adds in-game memorial to Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley

The tribute is located at the spot where Stockley famously beat an enemy team in just eight seconds

Ubisoft has added a memorial to Rainbow Six Siege that pays tribute to Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley, a caster and former professional Siege player who died in late 2021. As reported by the BBC (via PC Gamer), Ubisoft has added an in-game plaque to Rainbow Six Siege commemorating Stockley.

Rainbow Six Siege esports director Wei Yue shared a photo of KiXSTar’s plaque in the game, and posted it alongside text that represents Tachanka, a Rainbow Six Siege operator, saluting.

The plaque can be found on the Plane map, and has been placed on a spot where Stockley once killed all five members of an enemy team in just eight seconds during a competitive map.

You can watch the moment that Stockley secured his eight second ace below.

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account acknowledged the memorial by saying “our community has been forever changed thanks to KiXSTar’s work ethic and passion for [Rainbow Six Siege]. We will never forget you.”

Stockley’s mother said that she was consulted on the tribute, saying that “it’s really cool to see it in action now” before adding that Rainbow Six Siege “has such an amazing community.

Tributes from other Rainbow Six Siege professionals have been pouring in on social media since fans discovered Ubisoft’s own tribute in the game.

Parker “INTERRO” Mackay, one of KiXSTAr’s co-casters, said it was a “touching tribute” and thanked Ubisoft for the addition. Speaking to the BBC, Mackay said that “even three months later, on top of the grief, there is still a feeling of disbelief that this is not real. It feels like I’m going to go to an event and he’ll be there. There’s part of me that hasn’t come to terms with that.”

Former pro Aherys also thanked Ubisoft for adding the tribute, and praised the plaque’s placement.

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