‘Rainbow Six Siege’ announces new competitive map and roadmap delays

On the new competitive map, Ubisoft teased that fans have played it before as "it was part of an event"

Ubisoft has shared an update to the Year 7 Season 2 (Y7S2) Rainbow Six Siege roadmap, teasing a new map coming to competitive queues while announcing a delay to some content that was previously announced.

In a blog published yesterday (July 13), Ubisoft revealed that although a new map planned for Y7S3 had been delayed to Y7S4, fans can still expect a new competitive map in Y7S3.

“Next season, we’ll be adding a map to the competitive map pool. We’re not sharing any specifics quite yet, but what we can say is that it’s a map you’ve played before, it was part of an event, and you have never seen it in comp,” teased Ubisoft.


Besides the new competitive map, Ubisoft’s latest announcement mostly touched on features that had been pushed back. “Sometimes, the reality of working on a live game means features have to be delayed in order to ensure they meet the quality standards you expect. This is one of those cases,” explained Ubisoft.

As a result, Ranked 2.0 and certain elements of the reputation system, which were all meant to launch in Y7S3, have been pushed back to Y7S4.

Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft.
Sens, Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has also explained that it has been investigating the unbalanced state of LMG’s and “Finka’s role in the meta”, and plans to tweak these issues in Y7S3. Ubisoft added that due to the size of this season’s balance updates, it “made the decision to forego a mid-season balancing patch this season.”

“The changes that will now come with Y7S3 interlock with one another in such a way that we feel the best way to experience and adapt to them is as a single package. One change that players can look forward to as part of this update is the addition of impact EMP grenades to some Operators’ loadouts,” shared the studio.

Back in May, Ubisoft outlined how the shooter’s reputation system will affect players.


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