‘Rainbow Six Siege’ bans totalled almost 170,000 in last 18 months

That's almost 10,000 a month

Ubisoft has revealed some statistics and anti-cheat information concerning Rainbow Six Siege, including total bans over the last 18 months.

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account detailed everything in a thread, with ban data for the game split between BattlEye and general data bans as well. Since August 2020 it’s estimated that around 167,250 bans have taken place, or around 9,500 a month for 18 months.

It’s also added that 3,114 idle bots were banned between November to January as well, with the data going right the way up to last month (January 2022).


The thread also outlines that a few cheats have been permanently stopped in the last 18 months as well, like the ability to instantly kill a whole lobby, drones that crash matches, and drones that can do melee damage.

On manual reports and sanctions, Ubisoft says it is “in the process of bringing in a team member who will be dedicated to investigating cheat reports shared outside of the game. This will help catch cheaters who slip by detections and help us find where in our detections we need to put our focus next.”

The developer says it is also working with a third party to help verify phone numbers in the game, as last month Ubisoft announced that players will need to link their phone number to play in ranked games.

“This security measure is intended to help slow cheater re-entry after being banned, as well as curb smurfing,” the company said at the time.

The Road To Six Invitational Event is currently back up and running in Rainbow Six Siege at the moment, and will be until February 21.


In other news, Valve has banned a Cities: Skyline modder after it was discovered they were using the mods to spread malicious code.