‘Rainbow Six Siege’s new operator is Thorn, a trap-setting powerhouse

Thorn packs an explosive trap that rewards crafty positioning

Ubisoft has showcased Thorn, the next operator to join Rainbow Six Siege, and revealed everything she’ll be able to do.

As part of Year 6 Season 4, Thorn will be released as a defender that uses traps to punish overreaching attackers.

Her gadget – the Razorbloom Shell – is a throwable trap that sticks to any surface it can fit on. If an enemy player comes into proximity of the Razorbloom Shell, there will be a short countdown timer, and it will launch sharp blades in all directions. The detonation timer forces attackers to decide whether to backtrack into cover or try and sprint past it, which means that the gadget will not only cause significant damage, it can force enemies to make poor judgement calls and leave themselves exposed.


Thorn also brings a new gun. A “custom made” UZK50GI. Despite being a small SMG, this gun chambers .50 calibre bullets that can tear through walls and players alike. Thorn can also be equipped with the M870 shotgun, and her sidearms include the 1911 pistol and C75 auto sidearm.

Outside of weaponry, Thorn can use a deployable shield and barbed wire to help defend her position. The barbed wire can be used in tandem with the Razorbloom Shell, as anyone slowed by the barbed wire will have difficulty escaping the gadget’s detonation radius.

Rainbow Six Siege Game designer Dominic Clement has said that Thorn is “mainly used as an anchor close to choke points”, and how much success players have with her comes down to how the Razorbloom Shell is positioned.

Clement added that Thorn works well with operators like Clash and Legion but is countered by anti-utility operators like Zero, Twitch, IQ and Thatcher.

Thorn is just one part of the Year 6 Season 4 update. Joining the operator is a significant rework to the Outback map, a new HUD, improved test server and more.


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