‘Rainbow Six Siege’ tackles stealthy cosmetics and bullet hole peeking

Hard to see operator skins are getting a rim light update

Ubisoft is making some important changes to its tactical first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

The developer has addressed some of the more pressing concerns in the game, including players being hard to see in certain skins and how bullet holes appear in certain materials.

First up is the gas propagation from operator Smoke’s remote gas grenades. Ubisoft described how these were working as “problematic” as gas would appear on the other side of undamaged walls and ceilings.


This has been updated for the launch of Year Six Season Two, meaning gas will only pass through structural dividers that have had gaps made in them. The sound of the grenades has also been changed to make them more distinct.

Changes have also been made to how bullet holes work, with single bullets no longer creating a visible hole for players to look through. Ubisoft explains that: Single bullet holes are often used to gain an advantage, and we recognize that the difficulty in spotting such holes from a distance can cause frustration for some players.”

More destructive firepower, such as shotguns and prolonged bursts of fire, will still make a hole. Players can still perforate materials such as window glass and the inner core of props with one bullet.

One of the bigger upcoming changes planned for Year Six Season Three is the addition of a “rim lighting effect” to certain operator skins due to how they blend in with the environment.

Ubisoft is in the process of testing this to decide on a uniform colour for the lighting but is “quite happy with the results and feel it is cohesive with the art style of the game.”


Finally, changes are planned for flash grenades to improve consistency and utility, making them more useful for players. These changes and other minor updates are available on the official Rainbow Six Siege news page.

In other Rainbow Six news, Ubisoft showed off gameplay from the upcoming follow-up, Rainbow Six Extraction, during its Ubisoft Forward show at E3. The game takes a more sci-fi approach, pitting teams of three operators against Archaean invaders.

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