‘Rainbow Six Siege’ trailer reveals the return of Doktor’s Curse for Halloween

Rainbow Six Siege is getting spooky this month

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Doktor’s Curse Halloween event will make a comeback as a “revamp” this year, giving Rainbow Six Siege fans who missed it in 2019 a chance to try again.

The return of Doktor’s Curse was announced on Friday (October 8) through a spooky trailer that parodies a bunch of older horror movie tropes.

As well as confirming that the mode will be returning to Rainbow Six Siege, the trailer also notes that the returning Halloween event will be a “revamp” to the original game mode.


In 2019, Doktor’s Curse was a 5v5 game mode for Rainbow Six Siege, where one team played as hunters and the other as monsters on a modified version of the Theme Park map. Hunters could win by eliminating all of the monsters, while the monsters could win by eliminating the hunters or surviving for two minutes. Hunters were given modified versions of Sledge’s hammer to do so, while monsters could briefly go invisible and lay traps.

The original launch also added a range of Halloween-themed operator and weapon skins to Rainbow Six Siege.

Since posting the teaser, Ubisoft has not yet elaborated on what new features fans can expect from the return of Doktor’s Curse. Both Doktor’s Curse and last year’s event – Sugar Fright – ran from mid-October to early November, so it’s likely that this iteration of Doktor’s Curse isn’t too far away.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft handed out a free pack during the Showdown game mode as a way to apologise for confusion over a charm. The charm in question looked identical to Showdown packs in a rewards preview, which falsely led players to think that one of the event rewards would be a free pack.


In other news, Creative Assembly has revealed the entirety of Grand Cathay’s unit roster for Total War: Warhammer 3.

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