Razer is looking for beta testers for its RGB face mask

Project Hazel just got a little more real

Razer’s socially distanced gaming face mask has been given a name – the Razer Zephyr – and has entered the beta test phase.

The RGB face mask was announced at the beginning of this year as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing gamers to lipread and view facial cues whilst protecting themselves.

Razer representatives remarked at the time that the company was preparing for ‘the new normal’, which may involve wearing masks in crowded spaces such as gaming conventions and tournaments.


Given that many gaming events have been unable to run in physical spaces – most recently the League Of Legends championships refunded tickets due to rising cases of Coronavirus – the technology may help to create a safer environment for communal esports.

The Razer website has a sign-up form that allows fans to become beta testers for the new technology, which has undergone some substantial aesthetic changes since the last reveal. These changes can be seen in the newest video.

Initially billed as Project Hazel, the Razer Zephyr has N95 medical-grade respirator protection and will come with detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and air flow regulators. The mask has also been tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, managing to filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Razer converted some of its manufacturing facilities to provide medical-grade masks. Over 1 million of these were made and donated, but the Zephyr project aims to help prevent the environmental issues associated with disposable masks.


In other gaming beta news, Microsoft is testing out a new ‘night mode’ for their Xbox consoles to help protect against eye strain.

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