Real-life functional ‘Halo’ rocket launcher built by YouTuber

A Chief and his SPNKR

An engineer has successfully built the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher from the Halo franchise, and it even fires rockets and plays the iconic theme.

Apparently, a world first from YouTuber Jairus For All, a video from June 3 shows off the rocket launcher in action, which fires actual rockets at a target. That said, the project wasn’t so easy to get working properly (via PC Gamer).

After a misfire, the SPNKR fired a rocket straight into the ground, missing its target, with the laser sight also not working properly. You can see Jairus For All get the rocket launcher working in the below video though.


Instagram user Stattingup then rocks up in full Halo Master Chief armour and fires the rocket successfully on their first try. The laser was then switched to green one, which made it much easier to see when outside. After a number of attempts, the rocket actually goes quite far too.

If you fancy checking out Jairus For All’s other videos, they aim to “utilise hazardous materials and tools that carry a risk of fire, explosion, poisoning, blunt trauma, electrocution, major lacerations, evisceration, or any number of other dangers.”

Over the past five months or so Jairus For All uploaded a number of videos about the building process, with the video above being the one that aims to showcase the Halo rocket launcher and its differing rocket designs in action. You can find all the uploads on the channel here.

All of the digital files and blueprints are also available on the YouTuber’s website, right here.

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