‘Red Dead Online’ gets a new horde mode next week

Survival is the name of the game…

Online western Red Dead Online is getting a whole new game mode next week, which will see you fighting off waves of enemies.

Rockstar Games has revealed that a new update coming to Red Dead Online on August 10 introduces Call to Arms – a whole new mode that will pit you against waves of enemies as you rally to defend the townsfolk.

Details of the new mode are currently scarce, but it will be survival-based. Expect to fight off wave after wave of bandits, Pinkertons, or other ne’re do wells for as long as you can hold out.


“Call to Arms launches in Red Dead Online on August 10th,” said Rockstar in an official tweet. “Batten down the hatches and come to the aid of local townsfolk to fight off waves of enemies in a brand-new survival-based mode.”

But that’s not all – there a plenty of other new additions on their way, too.

A yellow diamond known as Il Sovrano will be making a brief layover in Rhodes, with the local elite meeting to discuss who will take care of this valuable commodity.

Of course, this gives players the chance to pilfer it out from under their noses – sneaking in for an elaborate heist or blasting their way in with as many explosives as they can carry. If you complete this new opportunity, you’ll be rewarded with a free weapon component of your choice. Complete it on Ruthless difficulty, and you’ll nab the Duplessis top hat from Madam Nazar.

Also, this week, you’ll find the Saloon Contract – three new missions which involve knocking over the local watering holes.


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