‘Red Dead Online’ has a new Call To Arms survival mode with big payouts

Get triple bonuses this week only

Rockstar Games has launched a new survival mode in Red Dead Online, and there’s a big payday for players.

As described on its official website, Call To Arms tasks players with protecting various locations – including Blackwater, Fort Mercer, Valentine, Strawberry, and MacFarlane’s Ranch – from “up to ten waves of incoming enemies”.

To access the mode, players need to check their camp lockbox for a new telegram from “J.” Thereafter, Call to Arms will be available to launch at any time by selecting the requisite telegram from their satchel.


While it should make a fun and challenging addition to the online game, the biggest incentive in participating is that the mode currently promises huge payouts, which is also the case for those who don’t survive the entire ordeal.

For this week, participants will get triple gold, money and XP from playing Call To Arms, as well as an offer for 30 per cent off any novice or promising role item within 72 hours.

Since the mode launched yesterday (August 10), PCGamesN has reported that players who can complete all ten waves have been able to get as much as three gold bars, RDO$800, and 7,000 XP.

Of course, these multipliers are only in effect for the mode’s launch week so players who want to make the best of the promotion will want to get involved as soon as possible.


Red Dead Online was originally added post-launch to Read Dead Redemption 2 as its online multiplayer component in 2019. However, the mode’s success saw it released as a stand-alone game in December 2020 at a lower price.

Elsewhere, its publisher Take-Two Interactive has issued copyright takedowns on old GTA mods, fuelling speculation that remakes of GTA 3Vice City, and San Andreas could be on the way.

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