‘Red Dead Online’ temporarily drops PlayStation Plus requirement

No more need for a separate membership. For now

For the next two weeks, Rockstar has dropped the need for PlayStation Plus when playing Red Dead Online.

Coinciding with Red Dead Online‘s Blood Money update, PlayStation players can now play the game without worrying about also having a PlayStation Plus subscription. The requirement has been lifted until 26th July giving new players a chance to see what they’ve missed. Of course, they’ll still need to have paid £17.99 from the PlayStation Store for the game itself.

The Blood Money update adds a new currency known as Capitale and three multi-part Crime Contracts – The Railroad Contract, The Jeb Phelps Contract, and The Bluewater Contract. Each of the contracts come with their own storyline, and there are additional opportunities, mini-missions, and other events to get involved with. New crimes are also included, ranging from simple but stealthy coach holdups to multi-stage robberies in a bid to expand the content that Red Dead Online already offers.


The Quick Draw Club provides a series of short snappy Battle Passes that unlock new content and cosmetic bonuses over the coming weeks. Each pass includes 25 ranks and costs 25 gold bars, with your investment recouped at the end of each pass by completing all 25 ranks.

Full details of everything the update offers are available on the Rockstar blog.

For Xbox players, Red Dead Online still currently requires Xbox Live Gold to play, but it’s currently available on Xbox Game Pass, so this won’t be an issue to many users.

PC players also get to enjoy DLSS support, thanks to this latest update.