‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ mod bundle opens up Mexico map

These modders have cleverly utilised an unused area, adding more places to explore

Red Dead Redemption 2s inaccessible Mexico map is given a new lease of life in a new mod bundle.

Taking advantage of the Mexico map, which is already in Red Dead Redemption 2, despite not being accessible through conventional means, the mod pack combines all available enhancements to make a sprawling Mexican landscape a reality.

Fans were initially baffled as to why the entire Mexico map was inaccessible in Red Dead Redemption 2 when in the previous game it had been a key part of the story.


Some players have found themselves mysteriously spawned there in RDR2 Online, and a few exploits have led to the discovery of some crafty ways into the area. Aside from this, it is assumed by most that the area will eventually be utilised in an Online mode.

Modder Siemreaper has compiled a pack of the best Mexico mods for Red Dead Redemption 2, which are all considered “lore-friendly” (thanks PC Gamer). The bundle includes work from modders RedMaxBR, SergeantJoe, AClassySliceOfToast and DuPz0r.

The mods range from expansive set recreations from the original Red Dead Redemption to quality-of-life additions to get the player to Mexico quickly and easily. Although there is no ‘quest’ to any of these areas, they are all fully available to explore for those looking for a more relaxed wander around.

Previous popular mods have included the ability to buy property, and the ability to have pet dogs.

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