‘Redfall’ will still emphasise “the solo experience” despite co-op features

It's "in keeping with Arkane's passions"

Arkane Studios has explained how upcoming shooter Redfall will still have a huge focus on single-player, despite the game also offering up to four player co-op.

Co-creative and studio director Harvey Smith talked about the option to play solo in an article from yesterday (June 20). “A huge emphasis for Redfall has been the solo experience, in keeping with Arkane’s passions,” shared Smith.

“All the games we’ve made overlap in a bunch of creative ways, though no two are exactly alike,” added Smith. “Redfall is an open world game, but it can be soloed with any of the heroes. The pace becomes more exploratory; you can use recon and stealth to gather info on encounters and avoid enemies or get the drop on them.”


Players going out solo won’t have AI teammates join them, as the game instead will shift how it works to accommodate one player.

Redfall Layla vs. Angler
Redfall. Credit: Arkane Studios

Redfall’s upcoming co-op won’t please everyone though, as Smith also said in a recent interview that the game will only track the campaign progress of the host of an online play session.

“Whoever hosts the session, or whoever initiates the session… their progress is persistent for them,” explained Smith. “But [for] other people, it’s not. In terms of what missions you’ve unlocked and such, the host, their progression matters.”

Smith has also touched on how Redfall isn’t actually that similar to Left 4 Dead, despite some initial at-a-glance similarities. “It should [the trailer], unless I’m mistaken, it should put all the Left 4 Dead comparisons to rest,” said Smith.

Originally both Starfield and Redfall were supposed to release this year, but they were pushed back into 2023 recently.


In other news, Raven Software has removed a fan-favourite feature from Warzone for the second time.

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