Reduced queue times for ‘Splitgate’ after server issues resolved

Open the gate

The devs working on Splitgate appear to have implemented fixes for queues that previously took up to 90 minutes.

Server capacity was an issue for Splitgate from the start, leading 1047 Games to delay the release of version 1.0. During this time, the team worked on increasing capacity, in the hopes that extensive wait times could be mediated.

Splitgate is a cross-platform and cross-generation game, which may have contributed to the delays. The Portal-inspired FPS attracted 2million downloads in July alone.


According to a tweet from Splitgate Status, an account dedicated to service updates for the game, a new update has been rolled out that should fix some of the issues.

“Our update last night has allowed us to make huge capacity and stability improvements. That means shorter queue times,” read the tweet, assuring fans that the current estimated wait time would now be around five minutes.

A previous tweet from the Splitgate account thanked fans for their patience and referred to “well over 100k concurrent” players.

Splitgate will now exit open beta on August 27. More content is planned once the game hit’s its 1.0 launch, and more Battle Pass items and cosmetics will be introduced to the game in due time, too.


The game is available in beta on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam. It is cross-play and cross-gen, and will come to all these platforms with all these features with the launch of version 1.0.

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