Regional Steam prices for ‘F1 2021’ higher than ever

Its been driving fans crazy

F1 2021, the official video game of the racing sport, has been priced higher than any of its previous iterations in some countries.

Causing some distress to fans, F1 2021 has been priced at up to four times as much as F1 2020 in several countries. One Twitter user highlighted the disparity in costs, saying EA was “wasting no time to make sure all the poor nations get fucked over”.


This is in response to F1 2021 being the first produced by EA and Codemasters together, after the developer was purchased recently in a $1.2billion acquisition deal. In a year that introduces co-op and next-gen support, the company says that “F1 2021’s pricing is consistent with both EA’s and major industry publishers’ approach for each region.”

Just some of the nations affected by this price hike include Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, India, and Costa Rica. In Argentina, F1 2020 cost around £5, but 2021 costs around £27. Fans reacted in shock to these new pricing scales, as Codemasters has historically been proactive in retaining low prices for developing countries.

Earlier in the year, EA CEO Andrew Wilson commented that “these are amazing teams that we know very well, and we are adding significantly to our racing portfolio to drive growth. We believe the combination of EA Sports and Codemasters can take the game franchise to an even greater level.”

EA is home racing franchises such as Need For Speed, Burnout and Real Racing. Codemasters on the other hand, is home to racing games like Dirt, F1, Project Cars and Fast & Furious Crossroads.