Relic Entertainment appears to be teasing a new ‘Company Of Heroes’ – Here’s how to watch it

Footage of Italy suggests a new setting

Relic Entertainment is teasing something on their Twitch channel, which could be a new Company Of Heroes game.

Relic Entertainment’s Twitch is live with a countdown to 6 pm BST. The page currently shows footage of an aerial view over Italy with a backing track of distant gunfire. The streams title says “Landing 07/13/10:00AM PDT”, which is probably a reference to the Allied Invasions of Sicily and Italy in 1943.

The last game released by Relic was 2017’s Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, with Age of Empires IV set for release later this year. Neither of these two franchises has a solid connection to the Mediterranean peninsula. The occasional clips of WW2 beach landing footage suggest this might be a new Company Of Heroes release.



The original Company Of Heroes released in 2006 and featured the western front of WW2 with fighting in Western Europe and heavily featured the US battling against the German forces.

Company Of Heroes 2 moved over to the Soviet front with a deadly winter which featured heavily in throughout the game. introduced the Soviets as a playable force to the series and later added the US and British forces and also an alternate branch of the German military.

Company Of Heroes 2 released in 2013 and received several expansions up until 2015. A new DLC for the game seems unlikely at this point. Most likely, this will be the third game in the series with a focus on the Allied campaign in Italy.

A new Company Of Heroes set in Italy could introduce the first non-german Axis faction in the franchise with the Italian army. However, German forces were also heavily involved in the fighting. On the Allies side of the invasion were the British, US, Indian, Canadian, and Free France fighters, so there are a lot of opportunities for different faction dynamics.


Relic’s upcoming Age of Empires 4 release has been criticised for its imbalanced pricing across regions, with some charging 363% more than recommended.