Reports say there’s “no chance” ‘Dragon Age 4’ is coming this year

2022 is not the Year Of The Dragon

According to several reputable insiders, there’s apparently “no chance” BioWare will be releasing Dragon Age 4 in 2022

Last night (January 20) insider Tom Henderson took to social media to say “A source with knowledge of EA‘s plans has said there’s ‘no chance’ that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022”

Henderson’s claim was backed up by a report by VentureBeat. The publication first claimed that “Dragon Age 4 is on track for a potential 2023 release” back in July and has since added that “this isn’t the result of some internal delay or anything – EA has long known that BioWare wasn’t getting it ready for 2022.”


“A summer release is the earliest possible timeframe for the launch of Dragon Age 4, and even that is a vague hope more than a real target,” they added before claiming “EA hasn’t decided on when to begin marketing the project,” either.

According to BioWare, it is “still hard at work on building the next single-player focused experience. We’re excited for (2022) when we can talk more about what we’re working on,” the studio said in an end of year blog in December.

And then in a blog post on the BioWare site earlier this month, general manager of BioWare, Gary McKay, explained: “We are focused on a single-player experience that is built on choices that matter.” He also pointed out that the team behind Dragon Age is made up of “a veteran group of talented developers”.

Dragon Age 4 was originally announced in 2018 but has never received a firm release date.


However, BioWare has confirmed that Dragon Age 4 will not be coming to PS4 or Xbox One.

Back in November, Dragon Age 4 creative director Matt Goldman left BioWare, with the studio admitting that his departure will impact the game’s development.

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