‘Resident Evil 4’ remake gets a free demo that you can play now

The demo offers a "thrilling slice" of the upcoming remake, and features no time limit

Capcom has released a free demo for its upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, offering players a “thrilling slice” of the survival horror ahead of its March release.

The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo launched last night (March 9) and is available to play on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5.

According to the demo’s Steam page, it will allow fans to play a “specially tuned” version of Resident Evil 4‘s opening sequence.


Unlike past Resident Evil demos, this one will not have any time limit attached — meaning that although the playable area is limited, players can explore it for as long as they like.

“Experience a taste of Resident Evil 4, a reimagining of the original game released in 2005,” reads the description. “With modernized gameplay, a reworked story, and vividly detailed graphics, you can relive the nightmare of survival horror.”

The demo was announced at yesterday’s Capcom Spotlight, which also brought a new teaser trailer for the game. Watch it below:

The teaser shows protagonist Leon Kennedy trying to save the US president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, from the clutches of a cult in rural Spain.

The remake is just two weeks away from launching, and will arrive on March 24 for all platforms the demo is available on.


Last month, Capcom shared a longer trailer for the game that showed more ofR Leon’s mission. Along with the trailer, the developer revealed that Resident Evil‘s fan-favourite Mercenaries mode would return as “free post-launch DLC” for 4.

It’s not the only update planned to release after Resident Evil 4‘s launch, as Capcom has also confirmed that VR functionality will be introduced after the standard game is released.

In other gaming news, Naughty Dog has confirmed the PC system requirements for The Last Of Us Part 1, which launches just four days after Resident Evil 4.

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