‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ gets left-handed support in usability update

Kill zombies in VR, now with support for left-handers

The virtual reality release of Capcom’s horror classic Resident Evil 4 is getting a significant update that aims to enhance movement and comfort settings on Meta Quest 2 – formerly known as Oculus Quest 2.

Developed by Capcom and Armature Studio, the VR remake of one of Resident Evil’s finest instalments was well-received when it launched in October 2021. Now, an entry on the Quest Blog details that Resident Evil 4 VR’s first post-launch update “has overhauled mobility and comfort settings in response to player feedback, and has enhanced gameplay to give players more options.”

These enhancements include “new controller-directional movement” so that players can steer walking direction with their hand, the option to switch the dominant analogue stick movement hand, “which is a big boon for left-handed players”, and height adjustment settings.


“Additionally, there are new accessibility settings for adjusting waist and chest holder positions,” the announcement continues, “as well as an option for changing the colour of the laser sight on weapons.”

Other minor changes include more reloading settings, fixes for known issues affecting saving, and “other optimisations that enhance various facets of the experience”.

Although the update brings no new gameplay content, it seems to lay the groundwork for the upcoming The Mercenaries mode, which was announced in November 2021. While there’s still no official launch date for the mode, the blog post says it is “coming later this year”.

The Mercenaries is a horde mode of sorts that was introduced to the Resident Evil series with the original release of Resident Evil 4 back in 2005. It typically tasks players with fighting off waves of enemies, all while attempting to escape the zombie apocalypse by reaching a helicopter.

The Quest blog says the VR version of Mercenaries features “tons of action and unlockable characters” and “will come as a free addition to the game”.


The usability update is live in Resident Evil 4 VR now and is said to be “only the beginning for Resident Evil 4’s continued support in 2022 on Quest 2.”

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