‘Resident Evil’ is being remade with Unreal Engine 4 in first-person

The fan remake will have the original fixed camera angles and both first and third-person perspectives

The original Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion setting has been recreated in Unreal Engine 4 with both a first and third-person viewpoint. 

The images (which are viewable below) were posted to Reddit by user u/olsonolsen, with the actual recreation of the 1996 PlayStation original currently under development by MoonGlint.

RE1’s Spencer mansion recreated in first person view in Unreal Engine 4 (by MoonGlint) from residentevil


MoonGlint’s project appears to be a recreation of the entirety of the original Resident Evil, with videos on their YouTube channel showcasing work going back months. Footage of both first-person tests and over the shoulder third-person gameplay is also there, with the below clip from July of this year showing Jill Valentine taking out a zombie.

More gameplay and progress images can be found on MoonGlint’s Ko-fi. As of right now the scope of the Resident Evil remake project remains unclear, but MoonGlint’s progress alongside the look and feel of the footage certainly speaks for itself.

Players will be able to choose between the original fixed camera, first and third-person, with screenshots showing the iconic Samurai Edge pistols and even the infamous jump scare dog attack from the original as well.

Another first-person remake of the original Resident Evil also exists, except this one recreates the game to look and play more in line with its predecessor. It can also be played on itch.io right now, with the developer stating they don’t intent to make a profit off the full release.

In the original Resident Evil, a fixed camera angle was used alongside pre-rendered backgrounds to give the game more detail than other PlayStation titles, with a 2002 remake following the same formula, which is currently available on most platforms.


In other news, a 2.0 update for Returnal has added the highly requested save and pause functionality, alongside a photo mode.


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