‘Resident Evil Village’ could be getting free DLC

DLC was previously confirmed for the game at E3 2021

Some, if not all, upcoming DLC for Resident Evil Village could be available for free, according to Capcom‘s recent annual integrated report.

At E3 2021 during a presentation light on new announcements, Capcom had confirmed that additional content is in development for Resident Evil Village following the game’s success and “by popular demand”.

While there had been no further details on what kind of content fans could be expecting – and whether or not that could include more of fan favourite Lady Dimitrescu – it may be that some content will be offered for free.


Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village. Credit: Capcom

As reported by The Loadout, buried in the recent Capcom Integrated Report is a mention that Capcom is “taking into account the situation of our free additional DLC for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.”

To compare, Monster Hunter Rise has had a steady rollout of additional content since launching for Nintendo Switch in March, although these have largely been additional costumes, including Capcom Collabs such as OkamiMega Man 11, and Street Fighter 5.

If Resident Evil Village does have free additional DLC, then it’s likely that it will also involve cosmetic items rather than a more substantial story expansion, although this could also be separate from the DLC promised earlier this year.

The same annual report also confirmed that Resident Evil Village has sold 5million copies, selling faster than Resident Evil 7, which puts it on track to the all-time best selling title of the series.

Having set up a 25th anniversary website for the Resident Evil franchise earlier this month in time for Halloween, fans are hopeful of an imminent announcement.


Elsewhere, the development team of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake has reassured fans that the game “is still under way”, while a Ubisoft earnings report indicates it may not release until 2023.

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