‘Resident Evil: Village’ DLC trailer showcases playable Lady Dimitrescu

Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg also feature

The Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil: Village’s upcoming Winters’ Expansion has received a trailer, featuring a playable Lady Dimitrescu.

Announced last month, the Winters’ Expansion is adding a ton of new features and content to Resident Evil: Village. The biggest addition to the expansion is the Shadows of Rose story content, which continues the story of Rose Winters 16 years after the events of the base game. Rose is struggling with her powers, pushing her to seek out the Megamycete in an attempt to find a way to break free from her curse.

New story content aside, the expansion will also bring a ‘Mercenaries: Additional Orders’ mode which allows the player to play as three different characters in their own unique side missions. The playable characters are Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and the ever-popular Lady Dimitrescu.


The trailer shows snippets of how each of the characters will play. Chris, of course, utilises his large arsenal of weapons to fight the undead and can be seen wielding an assault rifle and chucking grenades at hordes of enemies. Heisenberg is a melee-focused character, wielding his dangerous hammer and sending enemies flying with every swing. Finally, Lady Dimetrescu throws spells at a distance but also moves closer to slash at enemies with her talons. The game mode is described as an arcade-like shooter, so expect plenty of action.

The Winters’ Expansion also adds a third-person mode to the campaign of the base game, a homage to past Resident Evil titles.

The Winters’ Expansion releases later this year on October 28.

In other news, Ghost Recon: Frontline and Splinter Cell VR along with two unannounced titles have been cancelled by Ubisoft. The rationale provided for these cancellations is “sizeable cost optimisation.”