‘Resident Evil Village’ easter egg references ‘Resident Evil IV’

“What’re ya buying?”

An easter egg was discovered in Resident Evil Village that references a comic quote from Resident Evil IV, leading to speculation regarding a link.

The easter egg can be found by visiting the Duke’s Emporium and speaking with the resident vendor. When addressed, he will quote the phrase “What’re ya buying?” in a manner that references his counterpart in Resident Evil IV.


After quoting the revealing phrase, the vendor will comment that an “old friend” used to say it, which has fans speculating about a link between the two games [via GameSpot]. The setting and tone of Resident Evil Village is similar to that of IV, and the complex inventory system appears to work in the same way.

Resident Evil Village will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with PC and Stadia, on May 7. A playable demo launched yesterday (April 26) and closed at 3am (GMT) this morning, titled The Castle, which allowed players to explore a new area.

Capcom recently released the output resolution and expected framerate for Resident Evil Village across all consoles and Stadia, following the Resident Evil Showcase on April 15.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be able to run in native 4K HDR in 60FPS as standard. Ray-tracing in 4K is also supported on both consoles when playing with Graphics mode. The realistic lighting effects however comes at a cost of the frame rate, dropping to 45FPS.

The next time-limited demo will be going live on all platforms from May 2.

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