‘Resident Evil Village’ spreads to Somerset with Lycan hillside artwork

The mysterious artwork has been spotted in the English countryside since bank holiday

Capcom has claimed ownership of a mysterious artwork created in Somerset to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil Village.

The chalk artwork depicting a Lycan, a zombie-werewolf enemy introduced in the game, had appeared on the English hillside over the May bank holiday weekend.

Capcom said in a press release that the 58m high and over 100m long Lycan installation was created in less than 24 hours, “bearing some of the hallmarks of the country’s historic and mystical chalk figures”.


“The giant installation appeared in a glow mysteriously overnight, nestled between some of the UK’s most secluded villages in Somerset on the Blackdown Hills,” they continued.

“The artwork was created in the dead of night to depict one of the new terrifying enemies in Resident Evil Village. The Lycan, known for possessing superior strength, reflexes and speed, has become the most terrifying addition to over 50 chalk figures scattered across the English countryside.”

The artwork’s location situated in between rural communities is also fitting with Resident Evil Village‘s premise as protagonist Ethan Winters journeys into a remote village plagued with terrifying monsters.

NME’s four-star review said that Resident Evil Village “successfully grafts the franchise’s knack for puzzle box environments into an open-world format, complete with sinister sound design, remarkable graphics and morbid new monsters”, filled with “nightmare fuel set pieces and compelling characters”.


Players who buy Resident Evil Village will also be able to access multiplayer experience Resident Evil Re:Verse for free, which releases this summer.

Elsewhere, Lost Judgment has been announced by Sega with a global launch in September.