‘Resident Evil Village’ player adds fixed-camera angles to the game

Still can't stomach House Beneviento though

Capcom’s newest Resident Evil title has received a face-lift as one player has recreated the classic fixed-camera in the game.

Since releasing Resident Evil Village last year, many players have found themselves clamouring for more from the franchise. It was 2021’s most completed game, and according to a Capcom report, the title has managed to sell 5.7million units, whilst Resident Evil 7 sits around 10million as it turns five years old.

Now, a Reddit user has shared a short video of protagonist Ethan Winters from a fixed-camera perspective, echoing the style of the original Resident Evil games on PlayStation.

RE8 in OG Fixed camera style, this time in motion! (made by me) from residentevil


As this appears to be a camera modification, Ethan Winters’ movements look quite strange, but most comments are more concerned with his face. The video ends as Ethan runs towards the camera, sporting a rather stern look.

User Atikapi created the camera shift and commented on their post, saying: “While I also like the modern approach better, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay respect to the origins of survival horror’s greatest, and tbh it’s just fun to look at this game in a different angle.”

Atikapi’s Reddit profile is filled with answers and screenshots of the fixed-camera angles, but this is the first time any actual video footage has been shown.

NME has reached out to Atikapi and asked if the fixed-camera changes they implemented will become a publicly available mod, we’ll update this story shall we hear back.

The franchise is also coming full circle as a fan-made mod for the original Resident Evil emulates the modernised first-person titles in the series by switching the original camera angles for an FPS look. This mod also introduces the third-person over-the-shoulder camera first used in Resident Evil 4.


A Resident Evil 4 fan project may also be released soon since it started development in 2014. It’s being built off the back of the lacklustre HD edition released that same year.

In other news, a Discord bot has had to clarify that it doesn’t mine crypto after users spotted the crypto-integration being advertised in other bots on the platform.