‘Resident Evil Village’ resolution and framerate on consoles confirmed

Ray-tracing on next-gen consoles will come at the cost of frame rate

Capcom has revealed the output resolution and expected framerate for Resident Evil Village across all consoles and Stadia.

Following yesterday’s (April 15) Resident Evil Showcase, the official game website has been updated with a table breaking down the performance that players can expect.

Resident Evil Village has the best performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X, which can both run in native 4K HDR in 60FPS as standard.


Ray-tracing in 4K is also supported on both consoles when playing with Graphics mode. The realistic lighting effects however comes at a cost of the frame rate, dropping to 45FPS.

The less powerful Xbox Series S only outputs to 1440p but still offers ray-tracing as an option. Its optimal framerate is however 45FPS, while dropping to 30FPS with ray-tracing.

Performance is overall worse on last-gen consoles, which Resident Evil Village was only confirmed for earlier this year, with Xbox One limited to a resolution of 900p and 30FPS framerate.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners will however benefit with the options to choose between graphics (4K HDR / 30FPS) or performance (1080p / 60FPS) modes.

The Stadia version is also included as being capable of running at 1080p / 60FPS or 4K / 60FPS, although a note states that the latter is upscaled using dynamic resolution.


Players will be able to try out Resident Evil Village for themselves as a time-limited demo will be going live on all platforms from May 2, although PlayStation owners can get a taste of the Village demo starting this Sunday (April 18).

Also announced during the showcase was a VR version of Resident Evil 4 coming exclusively to Oculus Quest 2.