Respawn claims ‘Titanfall 2’ security vulnerability isn’t a problem for players

Nothing to see here, says Respawn

Titanfall 2 has suffered from more security issues, with reports of a “major security vulnerability” swiftly followed by Respawn stating it doesn’t believe there is anything serious to worry about.

Yesterday (September 8), players on the Steam forums and Discord warned that Titanfall 2 had been compromised by a bug allowing “local code execution from the server” with players warning others to uninstall the game.

The concerning matter was originally reported by the Titanfall4Ever Twitter account which has since deleted its tweet, although you can still view some clarity on the theoretical situation via DirectXeon on Twitter.


Since then, Respawn has begun investigating the claim and has found that the issue is not as serious as first reported.

In a Twitter statement, Respawn stated that its engineers believe the issue to be a “simple exploit that can be used to crash games” rather than a problem that could more seriously damage machines. The worst that will happen is the game crashes rather than the initial rumours that suggested player data might be exposed or compromised.

Ryan K. Rigney, director of communications at Respawn was more blunt in his response to any problem with the game suggesting it’s “bullshit” on Twitter.

Both Titanfall games and Apex Legends have both suffered from numerous hacking issues in recent times with Apex Legends taken offline by hackers on July 4 in protest over ongoing issues with Titanfall.

More recently, it was found that those behind the Apex Legends hack are also the ones hacking Titanfall 2. Supposedly, it’s in a bid to bring attention to the franchise so that Titanfall Online – a cancelled free-to-play title – can be revived.


In other news, Nintendo has launched its first national esports tournament for children aged 8-11. The tournament features competitive Mario Kart 8 and hopes to “bring industry careers to life in the classroom”.